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Trench Art Spitfire

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During World War II, hunkered down in their trenches, soldiers looked for ways to fill their time. A special kind of folk art developed which came to be called Trench Art. The soldiers used any scrap of materials available to them to create and keep their minds occupied. Sometimes it was a matchbook cover, sometimes scraps of aircraft aluminum. Because of the nature of the material, items made from metals were the ones that tended to survive. This aluminum desk model is an exact copy of a piece of trench art from WWII.

You can bet that there were countless models of the Spitfire made during that time. It was known around the world, almost exclusively, as 'the' Royal Air Force fighter plane because of its many successful defensive moves against the Luftwaffe. Considered a masterpiece of aerodynamic engineering, it was introduced in 1936, had a 1,470 hp engine, a 36' wingspan, reached speeds of 378 mph and would seat one brave pilot. 

This small desk model is made of recycled aircraft aluminum with propellers that spin. An engraving of the plane, along with plane specifics, is located at the base of the stand. Measures 7-1/2" x 8-1/4" x 5-3/8" tall. Weighs 13.8 oz.

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