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Tsunami Snow Globe

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The first mention of the snow globe featured a man with an umbrella that was displayed at the Paris Exposition of 1878. In 1927, an American pioneered production improvements and popularity grew in the 1940's with the increased use of plastic and the development of the tourist industry. By the 1950's every city and roadside attraction had its own snow globe souvenir. By the 1970's snow globes fell out of favor, but recently with the production of more sophisticated and intricate globes, they have become valued by designers and collectors.

This exquisite snow globe has a hand cast and hand painted blue and green wave at its crescendo (inspired by Japanese paintings of the Great Wave off Kanagawa) encased in glass. The original design for this globe was made in Vermont and sculpted in California. The final piece was then produced off shore. The proprietary ‘snow' glitter is a very fine material and reflects off the cast resin silver base. The liquid is purified water with some anti-freeze (to prevent freezing) and a small amount of anti-bacterial (to keep the mixture clear).     Do not expose to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Do not place in direct sunlight. Measures 4" x 4" x 5" high. Presentation gift box.


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