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Vintage Child’s Sled Bench

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Item: ARF-SB44


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Sleds made for small children have been in use in some form from almost the beginning of time. Take a search through the internet for vintage sleds and you will find all shapes and forms from the engineered and commercially produced to ones that were hand built by a father or grandfather.

The enterprising creator of this vintage sled bench has taken his inspiration from a very simple hand built model. This is exactly the kind of bench you might have found in farmhouses across this country. Child grows up, legs are added and sled is turned into a bench.

Today the bench makes an ideal place to sit in front of the fire, a place to remove your boots in the front entryway or back entrance mudroom, or place it at the end of your bed for a place to sit down to put on your shoes. Constructed of beautiful ash wood with a rich brown stain and metal trim and pull chain. Measures 42-1/4" x 13-1/2" x 18" high.

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