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War Eagle Blades Barlow


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Classic, Affordable, Traditional Pocketknives

We found that one of the makers we trust to make our finest A. G. Russell™ designs was also making reasonably priced traditional folders, so we arranged for them to make a series of traditional patterns for our War Eagle Blades™ brand. These knives are made to the highest standards possible at the price levels shown.

The blade steel is 7Cr17MoV at 54-56 Rc. This is very similar to the steel used in the Uncle Henry knives before the bankruptcy of  Schrade Cutlery. The blades are easily sharpened with Ceramic, India Stone (Aluminum Oxide), Arkansas Stone, or Diamonds. Holds an edge quite well.  The liners are brass and the bolsters, caps and double bomb shield are nickel silver.

We put these knives through the same rigid inspection that we put the A. G. Russell™ knives through. You can depend on the quality. The fit and finish is equal to knives costing twice as much and they carry the same outstanding Guarantee as those marked A. G. Russell™. Made in China.

The Barlow was the favorite of farm boys all over America and with readers of Mark Twain all over the world. It is a Jack knife with one or two blades, a longer bolster and always at a great price. Ours has a single 2-1/2" Clip Point blade. Measures 3-3/8" closed. Weighs about 2.2 oz.

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War Eagle Blades Barlow stag

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War Eagle Blades Barlow yellow delrin

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