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War Eagle Blades Pocket Skinner and Hunter-Caper

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The blades are flat ground from 8Cr13MoV hardened to 57-59 Rc. Can be used to skin and cape large game and small, they can also be used as very high quality kitchen knives or as wonderfully efficient steak knives. The 3-1/4" blade in both models is very thin for the best slicing performance, measuring only 5/64" thick. The very slim contoured handles measure a slim 5/16" at the thickest point.

Option A

War Eagle Blade Pocket Skinner orange

The blade measures 7/8" wide with plenty of curve at the edge for skinning game of any size. This curve is also valuable on the cutting board for slicing or mincing.

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Option B

War Eagle Blades Pocket Skinner black

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Option C

War Eagle Blades Pocket Hunter-Caper black

The blade measures 3/4" at the ricasso and tapers town to a needle point. Ideal for general use in the outdoors or as a stout paring knife.

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War Eagle Blades Pocket Hunter-Caper orange

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