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Wild West Gun & Badge Display

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Item: COL-27150



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Russell's For Men Exclusive

This pine wood display showcases the elements that worked together to tame the Wild West: the lawman and his weapons of choice. Made in Spain, these non-firing replicas of the Colt Peacemaker and the Winchester Model 1866 are each made of zinc with resin handles and a stock that is made to look like walnut. Each can be cocked and the trigger can be pulled, but are designed as miniature display models. Three Old West badge replicas that feature SHERIFF, US MARSHAL TOMBSTONE A.T., and LINCOLN COUNTY SHERIFF, each made of zinc and brass with a pin closure. A 1" black felt-like liner will hold the items firmly in place. The case is designed to sit on a display table or desk and has 4 rubber feet for preventing damage to your furniture. Case measures 12" x 18" x 2". Will be the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast, Old West reenactor or the Western collector who has everything.

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