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Wood Inlay Backgammon Set

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Item: BYB-G549



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Board games resembling backgammon were played in ancient Mesopotamia nearly 3,000 years before the birth of Christ. The modern game, except for the doubling cube, is 400-500 years old. The popularity of the game waxes and wanes, but all indications are that it is back in a big way. An obstacle race is run between two armies of fifteen men (checkers) each moving around a track divided into twenty-four dagger-like divisions known as points. Simply move your men around the board with the roll of the dice to your home space and then bear them off to win the game. 

The handsome all wood folding game board features stained birch and olive wood inlays on the exterior with a lacquered finish. The interior is wood as well with a faux burl wood surface. Includes two black leather felt-lined dice cups, fifteen of two colors of wooden checkers (men), two pair of dice and a doubling cube. Chrome handle and hardware. Unfolded, the board measures 18" x 14-3/4". Playing instructions included.

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