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Zippo Lanterns


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Durable camping and survival lanterns that float

Built Zippo tough, the only differences between these two lanterns are the physical size, the lumens and the battery life. Each of these rugged lanterns have four power levels: Low, Medium, High and SOS-flashing mode, IPX8 waterproof rating, floats in water, provides  immersion protection up to 32', can survive drops up to 16', has a 360° LED dome and is built with heavy-duty rubber over mold construction with an integrated hanging hook on bottom. Press the switch for a few seconds to turn the light on the lowest mode and continue to press to engage the medium, high and SOS modes. Provides soft, even light in all directions. Perfect for outdoor activities from camping, fishing, hiking, to emergency or survival situations.

Option A

Zippo Lantern 500 Lumen

The LARGE lantern is 7-5/8" tall, has 500 lumens, requires 3-D cell batteries (not included) and on full battery charge has a run time of High - 25 hours, Medium – 50 hours, Low – 200 hours and SOS mode – 800 hours.

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Option B

Zippo Lantern 350 Lumen

The SMALL lantern is 5-5/8" tall, has 350 lumens, requires 4-AA batteries (not included) and on full battery charge has a run time of High - 6-1/2 hours, Medium – 10 hours, Low – 65 hours and SOS mode – 30 hours.

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