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A. G. Russell Forged Italian Made Kitchen Knives


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Product Details

These Italian made knives, like those made for us in Germany in the 1970s and 80s, give you the heft, style and quality of traditional forged European style kitchen knives. The blades are a Molybdenum-Vanadium high-carbon stainless that will really hold an edge. The secret of great cutting is not just in the steel but in the way the blades are ground. These are ground VERY thin. They are not the knives to use for chopping bones or frozen food, but are designed to slice and dice all day long.

Fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene makes the handles dishwasher safe,  but water and detergent driven at high speed will dull your blades and the sharp edges will damage your racks and baskets. We recommend that you never put a sharp knife in a dishwasher or let them sit in a sink full of water.

With a better blade steel and better cutting ability, they are priced at about thirty-five percent less than a comparable Henckels knife. Made in Italy.

Option A

A.G. Russell™ 10" Professional Chef's Knife

A 10" Chef's Knife is for the man who wants the biggest and best of everything. The 10" blade is 1-7/8" wide with enough thickness for comfort in use (about 1/8"). Less than the thickness of competitive blades of the same length. Weighs 9.6 oz. 15-1/4" overall.

In Stock

Option B

A.G. Russell™ 10-3/8" Ham Slicer

In Stock

Option D

A.G. Russell™ 8" Chef's Knife

Temporarily Unavailable

Option E

A.G. Russell™ 7" Santoku with Granton Grooves

In Stock

Option F

A.G. Russell™ 7" Utility Knife

7-1⁄4" blade. About 3⁄32" thick. Weighs 6.5 oz. 12" overall.

Temporarily Unavailable

Option G

A.G. Russell™ 6" Chef's Knife

In Stock

Option H

A.G. Russell™ 6" Boning Knife

Temporarily Unavailable

Option I

A.G. Russell™ Steak Knife

Temporarily Unavailable

Option J

A.G. Russell™ 4" Paring Knife

In Stock

Option K

A.G. Russell™ 2-3/4" Paring Knife

In Stock

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I have nothing but praise for your customer service, as well as your products. I ordered an Odin's Eye for my wife. It arrived promptly, but the sheath kept falling off. When I called customer service they said return it, and they would hand pick one to replace it. The new one arrived shortly. My wife is very happy, she says it makes her feel safe with it on her purse. She also loves the A.G. Russell paring knife I bought her. Now it's my turn, I just ordered an Integral Hunter for me, I can't wait to get it! Gregory R. Rowayton, CT

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