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Customer Testimonials

Saddle Lamb Leather Vest - The vest is soft & supple, got this vest in an XL. It's " BEAUTIFUL ", Fit is" Perfect ", Very Dressy, Wear with genes or with a nice Suit of clothes!! You can dress it up, or down, either way, I love it, it's a real looker brother!!!! You will love this " VEST ", BOY I SURE DO!!!! REAL NICE COLOR TOO!!!! MINE IS~~~~ DARK BROWN~~~~Ording & contact with your people was great, my return & exchange for larger size went very well, I'm very pleased!! Thank you!! Your friend~ Howard Markham Changes: I WOULD NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!!!! THIS VEST IS PERFECT JUST THE WAY IT IS!!!! " COLOR IS WONDERFUL, ITS " BEAUTIFUL " Rating: 10/10

Howard M. Colonial Heights, VA

Smell's" REAL GOOD" Bought for first time, Liked it so much, I bought more in less than a weeks time!! Every one is asking, Whats that your wearing that smells soooo GOOD!!!~~I then tell them about~~AG Russell~~ For Men!!!! Changes: I WOULD NOT CHANG ANYTHING ABOUT THE" Bay Rum Cologne"~~or the "Bay Rum After Shave"~~I like it all man, my wife does too!!~~What more can I say?~~Dont change anything.~~ Rating: 10/10

Howard M. Colonial Heights, VA

I like your products for their style and quality. I will do business again. Thank you.

David J. Biloxi, MS

Scully Featherlite Leather Bomber-Style Jacket - I purchased this jacket as a replacement for my Overland Landon Bomber Jacket that no longer fits. This jacket is very comparable to the Overland jacket and it costs less than 1/3 the price. I am very happy with the quality. Changes: The front, outer pockets could be a little bit deeper. Rating: 10/10

David B. Boerne, TX

Scully Rugged Waist Pack - Well made, really roomy pockets and quality zippers. Textured leather is a nice touch. The description on the website says the belt is leather but it is not. It's heavy woven cotton and is easily adjusted. Probably easier than leather would be. Rating: 10/10

Bob M. Shorewood, MN

I have been a customer of both the knife and men's for years. This company cares more about their customers than any other company that I have dealt with online.

David M. Groton, CT

Ray-skin folding wallet (now discontinued) - I also bought this years ago. It's been with me every day since. VERY nicely made. I pinned miniature Airborne wings on it and get many compliments. Rating: 10/10

Ray C. Fishkill, NY

Over a year ago I ordered two slim wallets from you. A black ray skin version for myself and a leather faux rattlesnake skin one for my wife. We both loved our wallets, particularly the slim profile and the money clip feature. Unfortunately, the metal spring in the clip failed in my wife's wallet after a few months. Mine is still going strong. I've ordered another leather one for her but thought you should know about the failure she experienced so you can make it more robust in the future. Changes: Improve the durability of the spring clip. Rating: 10/10
The rating above doesn't reflect the failure of the spring.

Rodger F. Katy, TX

Hello, my dad George W. has ordered from your company for years and has been very pleased with your products and service. He enjoyed calling and talking to the ladies about his orders and would share with me. For the last three years he has been confined to the house and had slowly been declining in his health so that he had limited mobility. My husband and I moved into his house the end of August to care for him as he could no longer be alone. His wish was to remain in his home where his beloved wife, my sweet mother passed and on January 6th, 2022, he passed with hospice care as my mother did in February 2012. It was almost 10 years, and he missed her every single day. I have wanted to reach out to your company and offer a heartfelt thank you for all the joy you brought him and that I could share as we collected many knives and other items together. He highly respected Mr. Russell and his wife and their amazing gift and talent. God bless all of you, sincerely, Essex (daughter)

George W. Howard, OH

I have bought numerous products from Russells for Men for several years now and they have all been very high quality, from leather luggage to those nifty tweezers. Your customer service on the phone is great and your website is easy to use. All your products are built to last, which is good, because I plan on using them a long time! If you haven't bought from Russells before, give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

Rich Z. Philipsburg, MT

Atomic Wall Clock - I like the La Crosse technologies! This clock is awesome, and it looks great. Changes: I wouldn't change anything, it looks wonderful. Rating: 10/10

Maurice M. Los Angeles, CA

Your catalog is terrific! Your on line ordering was clear and easy. My experience with Russell's has always been professional and precise.

STUART W. Ann Arbor, MI

Concealed Carry Canvas trail vest - It is beautifully made - even the lining - a top quality item - My husband LOVED it!! Changes: Nothing - other than it seems to run small - I got an XL to be safe for my husband and I was glad I did - it runs small. Rating: 10/10

Barbara Hardman Thomasville, GA

Your online ordering method is sooooo smooth! Thank you for making life easy. Rating: 10/10

H. Katherine L. Elizabethtown, KY

Leather & Canvas Knife or Tool Roll - This is an excellent and useful product. The waxed canvas is very durable and it looks really good with the brown suede leather pockets. It hold your knives securely, but you have to be careful how you position your knives so that no exposed bolsters or handles come into contact with one another when you roll it up. The single strip of rawhide does an excellent job of keeping it from unrolling. All that is required is that you wrap the rawhide around itself a couple of turns and it is secure. Because I do not show my knives at shows, I didn’t even know how useful I would find this item until I read A.G. Russell’s obituary. I found his obituary liberating because I learned that he never went forth without six knives on his person. I guess I have limited imagination because it had never occurred to me to carry more than one knife at a time. Because one of the purposes of my knives is to partially fulfill the need for art in my life, I had been a believer in “the knife du jour.” I have many different knives that I like to carry so that they each get the opportunity to be admired and the virtues of their designs, choice of materials and Craftsmanship pondered over a cup of coffee with buddies at Starbucks (back in the pre-Covid era). While opportunities are now more limited for discussions with friends about one’s knives, they still do at least occasionally occur. So, the day after I read Mr. Russell’s obituary, I headed up to my club for some pheasant hunting with seven knives on my person. While waiting on the deck of my clubhouse during pheasant stocking, I had the pleasure of discussing the virtues of these knives with one of the members whom I did not know collected knives. In fact, we ran out of knives to discuss. When I arrived at home later that day, the latest Russell catalog was waiting for me in the mailbox, and in it was this new product. The next time I headed up to my club, I had a dozen knives in this roll and had the pleasure of discussing all of them. What a useful product! Changes: It would be nice if it had a suede piece at the top that could be folded down before rolling the roll up, so as to protect expose bolsters or handles. But, I will simply get a chamois car wipe and cut it to size for this purpose. Rating: 10/10 

Robert D. Milford, CT

Rugged Waist Pack  SLY-9274BN - 1. The web belt does not exit from the leather parallel with the flat back. It is twisted 90 degrees and causes the ends of the pack to be twisted in order to wear it. Where its twisted it will eventually ruin the leather. . When you wrap belt  around your waist the length adjustment buckle wants to naturally be on the inside and cannot be adjusted.
Changes: 1. Make the belts exit on the same plane as the back of the pack. 2. Make the inside pockets a bit deeper to easily fit a smart phone and mens bifold wallet. Rating: 7/10

Joe S. Oceanside, CA

I absolutely love the leather briefcase I purchased from your store; highly recommend it to anyone shopping for one. Very high quality.

Mark B. FB, USA

Your customer service was excellent. I left a message with customer service that I needed to verify the availability of a knife before processing my entire order and that the shipping address needed to be changed, all while I commuted to work. By the time I got to work, everything was accomplished. It was always nice in the past to speak to a live customer service person, but I understand the challenges that Covid has created. The prompt processing of my voice mail message and the voice mail you left in my voice mailbox made the experience all it could be under these conditions. Thank you very much.

J.L. Yreka, CA

I’ve been buying from this company for years and I have had nothing but great service from the people who you employ. Keep up the great job you are doing and be safe and stay healthy.


Dear President of A.G. Russell Company,
I have been collecting knives for almost 60 years.  I do not normally hunt down a way to get out my extraordinary World Class  overall rare experience from a purchase or numerous purchases from anyone I do business with.  This memo is the result of my latest purchase this past week and how consistently fantastic from ordering to package receipt your company has earned my highest personal rating ever.

Your company is so buttoned up in EVERY AREA that allows this highest rating to be possible.  Please know I will be doing as much business possible going forward with the A.G. Russell Company - in all areas of product offerings - from New Knives - Knife Accessories - Russell’s for Men Catalogue Products & Cutting Edge Collector Knives.

I want to close by stating - PLEASE CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN EVERY AREA FROM START (Order) to Finish (Product Receipt) & your Catalogues for Men (which is for Men & Women - because my wife grabs your catalogues before me for perusing & ordering ideas) and the Catalogue for Cutting Edge Knives.  Bottom line, I hope this memo
accomplished what I intended it for - to pass on GOOD NEWS - “That Good Thoughts - Good Actions Always Produces Extraordinary Results!”  — and I really hope other potential customers will give A.G. Russell a chance to experience the “Very Best” of what other companies just cannot execute.

Best Regards,
Martin M.

Martin M. Jacksonville, FL

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