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A.G. Russell Fist and TI-Fist Tactical Folders


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  • Item #: AGFR-C6TCF $89.95
  • Item #: AGFR-C6S10 $69.95

Item: AGFR-C6S10



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This is an outstanding knife that fits any size hand. Perfect for my large hand but Goldie says it is also comfortable in her small hand.  Opens with the ease you expect of a properly installed ball bearing pivot.  The flipper/trigger works for anyone. Goldie struggles with many flipper opening knives, but this one works easily for her as well as for the guy in our business with the largest hand.  The deep pocket clip can be placed tip up or tip down for either right or left hand carry.


Option B

A.G. Russell Ti-Fist

I felt I could pay more for this version to get Titanium frames with CNC lightening cuts under the overlays, carbon-fibre for those overlays and D-2 for the blade. For only fourty more dollars you have the very best ball bearing pivot tactical folder you can find. The TI-Fist is a frame-lock with Featherlite Titanium handle sides and black Carbon-Fiber overlays. The 3-1⁄2" semi-skinner blade is D-2 at 60-61 Rc. This is the most elegant of reasonably priced tactical knives. Measures 4-1⁄2" closed. Weighs 4.2 oz. Made in China.


Option A

A.G. Russell Fist

In the process of designing this knife, I felt the need to keep the price under one hundred dollars. I kept as much quality as possible including a tough blade steel with enough carbon to take and hold a fine edge or an aggressive one, yet to sharpen easily.

This is a frame-lock with Featherlite Steel handle sides and black G-10 overlays. Take a look inside the frame, notice the cut-away on each side. This means that even though the frame is stainless steel, the weight is closer to that of Titanium. The 3-1⁄2" semi-skinner blade is 9Cr13MoV at 58-60 Rc. It is coated with black titanium oxide as are the handle sides. Measures 4-1⁄2" closed. Weighs 4.8 oz. Made in China.


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