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A. G. Russell Odin's Eye

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A Highly Effective Self Defense Tool

My thought behind the design of this knife is the safety of all the women who find themselves in parking lots at the shopping center, or walking through poorly lighted areas on their way home from class or a friend's house. You might even want one for yourself.

I call it Odin's Eye. Odin, God of the Norse, bargained with the giant guarding the Well of Wisdom and traded one of his eyes for a drink from the well in order to gain knowledge.

You do need to be aware that there are areas where the rules do not allow you to protect yourself with a double edged blade, even one less than 1-3/4" long. To be safe, you should become aware of the laws where you live and travel. In Arkansas these are not forbidden.

This small knife is not a toy and should be kept away from children. It should not be used for everyday things like opening boxes. When it is needed for protection, it should be SHARP! So it can be easily carried, we have included a key ring and a clip to attach the knife inside a purse or other bag. In sheath it measures 3-1/4". Made in China.

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