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A. G. Russell Small Doctor's Knife


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A.G. designed "traditional" knives, often based on existing patterns, in such a way that they resemble no knife the buyer has ever owned. Whenever possible, he included our "striker pin", which prevents the edge of the blade from striking the back spring, thus nicking the edge of the blade; and the knives are designed so that the blades all fit closely without rubbing.

You will find it hard to believe that production knives are available that are so clean inside as these fine knives made in our tiny factory in China. It is true that we can match this quality from a couple makers in Japan, but the cost is three to five times more.

The 2-1⁄2" Zulu Spear blade and short (1-1⁄2") Scalpel blade are 8Cr13MoV at 57-59 Rc. This steel is very popular with our customers. It takes a razor edge and is easily re-sharpened on ceramic, diamonds, Aluminum-Oxide or Arkansas stones. With the striker pin, the edge of the blade will not hit the backspring no matter how roughly you close the knife. Made with the finest stainless steel bolsters, caps, liners and inlay. Measures 3" closed. Weighs 1.5 oz. Made in China.

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A.G. Russell Small Dr.'s Knife with White Pearl


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