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American Bison & Rattlesnake Wallet

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This is just about as close as I want to get to a rattlesnake. Though their bite is seldom fatal if treated promptly, I’d rather not run the risk. I feel the same way about a wild bison. That being said, this exotic, handcrafted billfold has a striking appearance (pun intended) and is built to last! A durable bison leather applique, which supports the snake skin, is stitched to the front of the bison leather wallet. The bison leather is a rich brown and contrasts well with the snakeskin. There are four credit card slots and one cash pocket. Includes a six sleeve clear plastic insert for pictures and cards. Measures 4-1/8" (closed) x 5/8" x 3-3/8". Weighs 3 oz. Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Scarring and natural markings are prevalent, making each piece truly unique. No two hides are alike and some noticeable scarring will appear on most Bison leather.

Product Testimonials

Over a year ago I ordered two slim wallets from you. A black ray skin version for myself and a leather faux rattlesnake skin one for my wife. We both loved our wallets, particularly the slim profile and the money clip feature. Unfortunately, the metal spring in the clip failed in my wife's wallet after a few months. Mine is still going strong. I've ordered another leather one for her but thought you should know about the failure she experienced so you can make it more robust in the future. Changes: Improve the durability of the spring clip. Rating: 10/10
The rating above doesn't reflect the failure of the spring.
Rodger F. Katy, TX

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