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Atomic Wall Clock

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Item: LMC-3122C


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Nothing is more precisely measured than time!

This clock automatically sets itself by picking up radio signals from the U. S. Atomic Clock in Colorado which has the incredible accuracy of less than 1 second time deviation in one million years. Install the battery in the evening and your clock picks up the radio signal during the night, by morning it will display the correct time. After that the clock corrects itself daily, executing automatically the setting from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time and back, according to the NIST signals. The NIST service is free of charge for everybody, and also controls the timing of TV Stations and space flights. Uses one AA battery, you will never have to worry about power outages again. 12-3/4" diameter walnut frame. Receives signals only from the U. S. Atomic Clock. Will not work in Europe or Japan. Wood color may vary.

Product Testimonials

Atomic Wall Clock - I like the La Crosse technologies! This clock is awesome, and it looks great. Changes: I wouldn't change anything, it looks wonderful. Rating: 10/10
Maurice M. Los Angeles, CA

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