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John Wayne's Wild West

An Illustrated History of Cowboys, Gunfighters, Weapons, and Equipment
By Bruce Wexler

During his career – starring in over 175 films – Wayne's work became fundamental to our understanding of the Old West. This book covers the equipment, weapons, clothes, tack, boots and other gear featured in Wayne's westerns, including his favorite gun, the Winchester carbine. An extensively researched text and more than 200 carefully researched color and b/w illustrations, including archival photographs and specially photographed artifacts, make this book a must-have for the Old West aficionado. Softcover. 192 pages. 9" x 13".

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Louis L'Amour's Wild West

An Illustrated Celebration of America's Favorite Writer of Westerns
By Bruce Wexler

In this one-of-a-kind volume, the Old West of Louis L'Amour comes to life through specially researched text, photos and illustrations. The book provides a glimpse into the land, weaponry and various characters of L'Amour's over 100 celebrated books. L'Amour books are still among the most widely read books and are best loved for detailed settings, authentic equipment and strong moral characterizations that were inspired by his own worldly travels and experiences. A perfect book for fans of L'Amour or old west enthusiasts. 192 pages are full of colorful pictures and illustrations. Softcover. 8" x 10".

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