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Hand Carved Cedar Fence Post Duck


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This one-of-a-kind hand carved duck began its life as a Western Red Cedar fence post. Homesteaders along the Rocky Mountains staked out new land by planting juniper (cedar) posts around their property and stringing barbed wire, thus ending the era of free-range cattle and sheep. Being naturally insect and weather resistant, even after over 100 years many of these posts still survive. Most are being replaced with steel posts.

Each hand carved duck is unique; with colors ranging from a deep red to a honey gold and all hues in between. The bill, head and upper body have been smoothed and polished and the remainder is left as is, often with rusty fencing staples still in place. The small duck measures approximately 8"-10" in length and the medium/large duck measures 11"-12". They weigh around 1 lb. Signed on the bottom by the artist. Hand carved in the U.S.A.

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Cedar Fence Post Duck-one Small and one Large

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