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Clash of the Titans - Bald Eagles

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas
By Gary Johnson

The Bald Eagle is one of only two species of eagles that are permanent residents of North America. The Bald Eagle is the largest member of the raptor family and kills prey with its hooked beak. With exceptional vision, strong muscular legs and powerful talons, the adult male can reach 40" in body length with a wingspan of 5' 11" to 7' 7". Subsisting mainly on fish, they are found near large bodies of open water. It is the national bird of the United States and, thankfully, it was removed from the endangered species list in 2007.

In this painting, the artist depicts two of these majestic birds in mid-air, peering eye to eye with talons locked. Surely what comes next would be combat and possible free fall, an exciting sight to witness. The image from the original painting is printed with fade resistant inks on premier cotton canvas that wraps completely around the edges of the wooden stretcher. Ready to hang. Measures 36" x 24". Hand printed in the U.S.A. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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