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Copper Water Pitcher

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Item: THC-CWP116


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This hammered-pattern copper pitcher with removable lid holds roughly 64 oz. of water. As water is stored overnight, the copper gently leaches into the liquid and lends all its positive properties. Drink first thing in the morning to wash the GI tract, flush the kidneys and stimulate digestion. Copper is thought to be a good tonic for the liver, spleen and lymphatic system and helps in curing anemia. In modern western medicine, copper is known as an essential trace mineral that helps with the formation of collagen. It also has antimicrobial properties and increases the absorption of iron in the body. Care instructions included. Measures 7-3/8" tall x 4-7/8" in diameter. Weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. Handcrafted in India.

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