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Dakota DC-3

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Item: ASA-AP455



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Developed in conjunction with American Airlines in 1935, the DC-3 quickly became an icon in American aviation. It was the first airplane that could fly from New York to Chicago non-stop and became the workhorse of air travel in the 1930s. In preparation for participation in WWII, the US Air Corps ordered a military version called the C-47 or Dakota which played a very important role transporting both troops and cargo to the war zone. More than 10,000 were built for U.S. and Allied air arms, making it one of the very best known airplanes in the world. These planes were so rugged and functional that many continued in use as cargo and passenger transport planes to the end of the twentieth century. Buffalo Airlines in Alaska seems to still be using a few.

This impressive 1:30 scale model of the DC-3 is made of recycled airplane aluminum. How appropriate. What's more impressive is its 38-1/2" wing span. Mounted on an aluminum base, it is the perfect gift for the aviation or history buff. Measures 38-1/2" x 15-3/4" x 23-5/8" and weighs 6 lbs. Wings and propeller assembly instructions are included.

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