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Dinosaurs in Virtual Reality

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Most children go through a dinosaur fascination phase. This interactive book will allow your child or grandchild to discover dinosaurs like never possible before. Includes an 80-page softback book that will take them through the Triassic World, to the Jurassic World and finally the Creataceous World, both in written word with vivid pictures but also in virtual reality. Simply download the free app to your smart phone (iOS or Android), hit start, select VR mode, place your phone into the red goggles (included) and look at the red virtual reality Google badge located on most pages in the book to experience the museum-like walk with the dinosaurs. Detailed instructions are included. Using the digging tool, chisel and brush, extract the 10" T-Rex fossil buried inside the stone. Using the guide, assemble the fossil pieces to create your own dinosaur skeleton. What a fun and informational toy! Works on all sizes of smart phones (you provide). When downloading the free application, please use WIFI as the file is large. Will provide hours of entertainment.

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