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Dusty Plains - Bison

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By Rosemary Millette

While on vacation out west, the artist observed two old bulls walking across the prairie. The dust that was kicked up became the inspiration for this painting. That's the first thing to which the viewers eyes are drawn. It's imposing and impressive at the same time. If you've ever seen one or more bison kicking up dust in Yellowstone on its way down to the river for a drink, you know how majestic these animals are. The largest terrestrial animals in North America, they were once almost hunted to extinction and have since rebounded. There are four purebred American bison herds on public lands in North America, including Yellowstone NP, Wind Cave NP in South Dakota, Henry Mountains in Southern Utah, and Elk Island Nation Park in Alberta, Canada. Bulls will leave the female herd at 2-3 years old and will join a male herd. Mature bulls rarely travel alone, as witnessed here. Temperamental, while they appear peaceful and laid back, they can attack anything without warning and for no apparent reason, particularly during rutting season when they become belligerent, unpredictable and pose the most threat. Known to early naturalists as dangerous, savage animals that feared no others, you can see that attitude in this painting.

This unframed gicleé print is ready to hang. The image from the original painting is printed with fade resistant inks on a high-quality durable canvas that wraps completely around the edges of the frame. Measures 36" x 18". Hand printed in the U.S.A.
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