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Find-It Games

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Completely sealed and virtually indestructible, this family-friendly treasure hunt will provide hours of fun either at home or on the road. Please pull over if you're the driver. This game is addictive! Comprised of engineered, brightly colored plastic end caps, a clear tube and plastic pellets, each game has a label on top that lists the findable objects (theme related) and comes with a check-off pad to mark as you go. The ultimate piece is a real U.S.A. Penny. When you find the penny go to the website and enter the code, both of which are on the label, to be put on the "Wall of Fame" for penny finders. We are offering three different themes: the Original, Sports and the Kids version. Play alone or with a crowd. Clean, simple fun with this "contained adventure". Weighs 1 lb. 5.9 oz. and measures 9-3/4" tall x 3-3/4" in diameter. Made in the U.S.A.

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Find-It Games Original-Green

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Find-It Games Sports-Black

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Find-It Games Kids-Red

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