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Ford Tri-Motor Airplane

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Often Referred to as the Tin Goose

Henry Ford recognized the potential for mass air transportation after WWI and began Ford's foray into airline travel. From 1926-1933, the Ford Motor Company built 199 Tri-Motors. Although designed for the civil aviation market, they also saw service with military units. Flown by airlines, oil companies and wealthy individuals alike. There were many significant historical flights taken in these planes, including being flown by Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, the first commercial flight from the U.S. to Mexico City, the first flight over the geographic South Pole in 1929 and one was used in FDR's presidential campaign in 1932. During the Battle of Bataan, a Tri-Motor was used in evacuations, hauling 24 people nearly 500 miles twice daily. They were later used for barnstorming, as crop dusters, for air show rides and in movies. The estimate is that there are 18 still in existence. This is one of the pioneering aircrafts that led to generations of Boeing and Douglas Air fleets.

This realistic 1:23 scale model uses corrugated aluminum sheeting over fir and plywood framing, as did the original. Built with impressive, high quality construction and great attention to detail. The placard on the display stand indicates the first year of flight - 1926, 3 crew, 10 passengers, 300 hp radial, 73.8´ wingspan, and 113mph. Requires minimal assembly (detailed instructions are included). The model Wingspan is 26-1/4" and it measures 39-3/4" nose to tail. Weighs 8 lbs. 7 oz.

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