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Hand Forged Hunters Axe from Sweden

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Item: GFB-418


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Gränsfors Bruks has a huge power hammer on which some very fine axes are forged. The axes being built today are unlike the hundreds of models made in Sweden 100 years ago. Each model was made exactly alike and ground smooth, polished, painted and labeled. That industry is dead and I think that the huge hammer mentioned above is left over from that time. It is brilliant that Gransfors Bruks has now built a business making axes for hunters, post & beam builders, wood carvers and others who still need fine axes today.

Simply a top grade, working tomahawk, with a 3-1/4" cutting edge, 1-1/2 lb. head and 19" hickory handle. This axe probably weighs 50% more than the trade axes of the 18th century, but is darn near perfect for today's woodsman. The makers not only polish the cutting edge for maximum efficiency, they also polish the poll which they call a flay poll. A poll is used to take the hide from large animals, forcing it between the hide and the flesh. The grip of the handle has circular grooves which gives a steady grip even if your hands are wet. Leather sheath inlcuded.

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