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Hand Forged Wildlife Hatchet

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from Sweden

Gränsfors Bruks has a huge power hammer on which some very fine axes are forged. The axes being built today are unlike the hundreds of models made in Sweden 100 years ago. Each model was made exactly alike and ground smooth, polished, painted and labeled. That industry is dead, and I think that the huge hammer mentioned above is left over from that time. It is brilliant that Gränsfors Bruks has now built a business making axes for hunters, post & beam builders, wood carvers and others who still need fine axes today.

A small, light axe which can be easily carried, masked with its leather sheath, inside your pack, or on your belt. Even with a small axe you can manage a lot: cut branches in the backyard or chop and split sticks for a campfire. This little hatchet awakens in many of us memories and dreams of exciting camps and adventures. The hatchet has a 3" face and a 14" hickory handle. The head weighs 1 lb. Ships with a grain-leather sheath.

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