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Hand Carved Desert Ironwood Rhino Bust

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The African Rhinoceros is known for its tremendous stature, its ferocity and as one of the toughest African animals to hunt. Recognizing this, big game hunters have included it in an elite status as part of the African Big 5.
The rhino can live up to 35 years in the wild and 40 years in captivity. Establishing its territories and living a mainly solitary life, the rhino is second only to the elephant as the largest land animal. Due to poaching, the black rhino is currently on the critically endangered list. Powdered rhino horn is believed to have curative properties and is highly sought after.

This representation of the rhino is carved from a solid piece of one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world, what we know as Desert Ironwood (Olneya Tesota). This tree grows only in southern Arizona and California and a small area in the very northwest part of Mexico, primarily in the Sonoran Desert. Carving of this dense and beautiful wood started with the Seri Indians, a small tribe who live in that area. Wood is gathered from naturally fallen trees and through long hours of carving, hand sanding and polishing, the beautiful burl and distinctive grain inherent to Ironwood appears. The unfinished backside shows the natural structure of the wood. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Since these are hand carved of a natural material, there will be small differences in the wood grain and in the carving itself. Measures 3-3/4" x 6-1/4" x 6-3/8". Weighs about 2 lbs. Polish with a soft cloth and occasionally apply a light coat of neutral paste-type shoe wax.

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