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“If My People”

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Jack E. Dawson

The subject of the painting reproduced on this clay tile is a direct reference to the Old Testament book of 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is a part of the artist's “Seek and Find Series”. As in the original painting, images of neglect, warfare, sacrifice, tragedy, evil, hope, life and prayer are hidden throughout the flag. A card is included that will help you identify each. This is a beautiful representation of what should be our nation's most respected symbol. A wonderful gift for anyone who has served our nation, as well as for everyone who holds our flag in the same high regard that we do.

The image of the original painting is applied to the tile using a heat sublimation process that makes the image a part of a ceramic tile is made specifically for this process. While the image surface is durable, it will scratch.

Measures 8" x 10". Weighs 1 lb. 10 oz. An easel back allows it to stand on a desk or shelf and there is a metal loop on the back to allow it to be hung on the wall. Printed in the U.S.

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