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Incredible Stories - Cowboy, Hunting, or Survival


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Incredible Cowboy Stories

Edited by Veronica Alvarado

This collection of stories ensures every reader will get a full sense of what the life of a cowboy was like. Divided into three parts: Cowboys as Writers, Cowboy Chroniclers and Classic Authors. The writers include Andy Adams, Max Brand, Emerson Hough, Zane Gray, Clarence E. Mulford, and others. For some of these authors the West was a place of dreams; for others of nightmares. B/W and color photos. Softcover. 203 pages.

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Incredible Hunting Stories

Edited by Jay Casswell

Broken into six sections: Classic Tales (8 stories), Upland Birds (4 stories), Turkey Hunting (2 stories), Deer Hunting (2 stories), Africa & Asia (2) and Reflections on our Sport (4 stories). Timeless works from celebrated writers exploring the mysterious grip that hunting has on the heart and the imagination. Authors include Theodore Roosevelt, Lamar Underwood, Colonel J.M. Paterson, and Jim Corbett, among many others. Color photos. Softcover. 316 pages.

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Incredible Survival Stories

Edited by Jay Casswell

This book is dedicated to Surviving Adventures (9 stories), Surviving War (3 stories) and Surviving The Elements (8 stories). Includes more than a dozen first hand accounts from celebrated adventurers, along with perilous accounts of man versus nature. Among the authors: Charles Darwin, Lt. R.E. Peary, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Savage Labrador. More than three dozen photographs and illustrations. Softcover. 319 pages.

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Incredible Stories-all 3 books

All 3 books-Incredible Stories

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