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Kai LUNA Kitchen Knives


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We are pleased to offer Kai Cutlery's LUNA line of kitchen knives. While these knives are made in China in order to reach a price that is affordable for everyone, Kai has ensured that the quality creates a value that is above the price.
Kai was established in 1908 in Seki City, Japan's ancient samurai sword making capital. Since that time, they have become one of the best blade makers in Japan. They also operate their own top-notch manufacturing facilities in China.
 Each blade is made using German Din 1.4116 high-carbon, high chromium stainless steel at about 56-57 Rc. This is a steel used at some point by most companies producing high quality knives, particularly kitchen knives. Each blade has a mirror polished hammered finish, which makes a beautiful blade and helps food release more quickly from the surface. The handles are molded resin with gray and black soft-grip handle overlays. Hand-sharpened and finished to a razor sharp edge. The edge is ground to a 16° cutting angle on each side, the best angle for the best slicing performance. Each knife includes a black molded plastic blade protector to protect the edge when stored in a drawer. As with all knives be sure to hand wash. The edges will be dulled if run through the dishwasher. Made in China.

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Kai LUNA 8 inch Chef's


Option B

Kai LUNA 7 inch Santoku

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Option C

Kai LUNA 6 inch Utility

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Option D

Kai LUNA 4 inch Citrus

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Option E

Kai LUNA Paring

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Kai LUNA Two Knife Set

The two knives that are used most often in any kitchen - one 8" Chef's knife and one 3-1/2 paring knife.


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