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Larry Page Handmade Hunters Desert Ironwood


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Item: LPK-DP72DI



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Larry Page began making knives in 1983. He has always been a hunter and has strong opinions about how a knife should be designed to work properly in the field. It should always fit the hand in use to prevent slippage when dressing game to avoid serious injury. His favorite blade style is a drop point since it keeps the blade away from the gut or muscle during skinning.

Your Larry Page knife will include a sheath of 8 to 9 oz. double shoulder leather, which he makes himself and form fits to each individual knife. Each knife and sheath will bear matching serial numbers to assure that you will always get your knife back in the correct sheath.

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Larry Page 3" Drop Point Hunter

The 3" mirror polished drop point blade is CPM154 stainless hardened to about 59 Rc. with a strongly tapered tang. The handle scales are Desert Ironwood from the Sonoran Desert with a 303 stainless hilt and stainless handle screws. Measures 7-1/2" overall and weighs 3.8 oz. Includes a handmade leather belt pouch style sheath.


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