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Magnetic Puzzle Cubes

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Item: FMT-SHC01


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Once you pick up one of these cubes it is very difficult to put it down. We have had these in our walk-in store for over a year. Customer reaction has been fantastic – and fun to watch. Great for reducing stress and, at the same time, wonderful for creativity. Just one cube transforms into over seventy geometric shapes, combine two or more and the options are endless. Each has four art designs (one outer and three inner). Made of ABS injection molded plastic, tear-resistant stickers are attached to each side. Each cube has thirty-six internal rare earth magnets to help keep the sides in place but they are still easy to open and shift the sides around to make more shapes. Each measures 2-3/8" square. Perfect small gift that will not soon be forgotten. Designed in Germany. For ages 7+.

Option A

Magnetic Puzzle Cubes Black and White

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Option B

Magnetic Puzzle Cubes Blue Planet

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Option C

Magnetic Puzzle Cubes Under Sea

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