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Nomads of the Plains Print

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By Rosemary Millette

These nomadic grazers were once hunted almost to extinction, with the numbers alive in North America reaching as low as 541 during the 19th century. They are no longer on the endangered species list, with four purebred herds on public lands in North America, including Yellowstone NP, Wind Cave NP in South Dakota, Henry Mountains in Southern Utah, and Elk Island NP in Alberta, Canada. The Yellowstone Park Bison Herd is the only continuously wild bison herd in the United States. It formed naturally from 23 individual bison that survived the mass slaughter of the 19th century and now numbers somewhere between 3,000 to 3,500 head.

Bulls will leave the female herd at 2-3 years old and join a male herd. Mature bulls rarely travel alone, as witnessed here. Temperamental and often unpredictable, they usually appear peaceful, yet they may attack without warning using their massive heads as battering rams. Known to graze in hilly areas where the slopes are not steep, they are the largest terrestrial animals in North America and are majestic when seen in their natural habitat.
This unframed gicleé print is ready to hang. The image from the original painting is printed with fade resistant inks on a high-quality durable canvas that wraps completely around the edges of the canvas stretcher. Measures 36" x 24". Hand printed in the U.S.A.

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