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Pecos Valley Spice Company's Chili Making Kit

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Jane Butel is widely credited with helping start our nation's love affair with American Southwest and Regional Mexican cooking in the 1980s. This is the third edition of her book Chili Madness. Go straight to Chapter 2 for all things chili, but there are plenty other recipes for appetizers, desserts and libations.

Included with the cookbook are five bags of spices from Jane's Pecos Valley Spice Company: 4 oz. Red Hot Chile, 4 oz. Mild Chile, 2 oz. really hot Pequin Quebrado Chile, 2 oz. Ground Cumin and 2 oz. Mexican Oregano. Enough for many pots of Chili. Do some experimenting, but first try A.G. Russell's Chili Recipe, which is included. The book is autographed and a great addition to your cookbook collection.

Includes all peppers and herbs listed above, the book Chili Madness and a printed copy of A.G. Russell's recipe, the one he developed and made often, sometimes sharing with us here at the office.

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