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Randall Miniature Trailblazer - Model 27

$ 600.00


Item: RA-M27M


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Randall® created the Miniature Trailblazer to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Randall Knives. They have just released the 36th printing of their catalog which includes this new knife. This is the first miniature to ever be cataloged - all the others have been special limited runs. The quantity available each month to each Randall dealer is very limited. We have been accumulating these since they were announced so as to have enough on our shelves to offer them even to members of the Knife Collectors Club™. They will not appear in an A. G. Russell™ catalog until sometime next year.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if A.G. Russell Knives does not have this knife ordered delivery is currently taking about 10 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 6 years.

The mini has a 3-1/2" stainless blade at 55-56 Rc. and the unique model 27 handle configuration - stag with a wide spacer at the guard of brass, aircraft alloy, red, white and black fiber and red Micarta¬ģ (not available on other models). The guard and butt plate are brass. Includes the same style leather sheath that ships with the regular Trailblazer.

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