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Randall Model 1 Fighter with Desert Ironwood

$ 755.00


Item: RA-M1DI7-BC



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The Randall Model 1 Fighter was one of the first models produced in the Randall Shop in Orlando. A Model 1, made by Bo Randall, served as the prototype for the Springfield Randall that was manufactured by Northampton Cutlery Company near Springfield, Massachusetts in 1943 and 1944.

Since World War II, Randall knives have been the best-known handmade knives in the world and are still made in the family owned shop in Orlando in much the same way Bo made knives in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The business has been run by Bo's son Gary since 1970, and Gary's son Jason has been in the shop for the past several years.

The wait for a knife from the Randall shop has consistently been one or more years. In the past couple of years that wait has increased to nearly five years. We are one of the few authorized Randall dealers and try to keep a stock of their knives. If we don't have the knife you want, we can usually have it for you within 5 to 6 months because our orders with Randall are booked years in advance. For anyone wanting to order directly from Randall the price will be lower but the wait will be extremely long.

Over the years, we have stocked several versions of the Model 1. These have all had a 7" blade, first with O-1 steel and India Stag handle, then with O-1 and Maple Burl handle made exclusively for A. G. Russell™. That was followed by the same knife with a Stainless blade and Black Micarta® handle. Both the Stag and the Black Micarta are currently available on our website. We are no longer able to get the wonderfully colored maple burl so have chosen to order Desert Ironwood instead. While Desert Ironwood is not so easy to get today, it is still available.

The 7" blade is O-1 tool steel at 56-57 Rc. with a brass double hilt and butt cap. The overall length is 12". This is a great knife and has been copied by most handmade knifemakers at some point in their career, and sometimes by knife manufacturers as well. The Randall Model 1 is the original and well worth any difference in price or delivery time. Weighs approximately 9.2 oz. Includes a Randall Model A leather sheath.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if A.G. Russell Knives does not have this knife ordered delivery is currently taking about 10 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 6 years.

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