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Randall Model 15 Airman Green Micarta

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Item: RA-M15GM



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According to Robert L. Gaddis in his book Randall Made Knives: The History of the Man and the Blades, the Randall Model 15 Airman was designed for air crew survival and combat use. The basic specs were provided to Bo Randall by Lt. Col. H. Ross Jordan and Maj. Harold N."Tex" Mehaffey, both pilots with long combat records. The knife could be no more than 10" in overall length and the sheath had to be capable of being worn on the leg or upper arm. Most important, it had to be extremely strong - strong enough to pry open a stuck canopy or aircraft hatch. Bo did the rest, designing the Airman that the Randall shop still delivers today.

The 5-1⁄2" blade is O-1 non-stainless at about 54 Rc. with a Green Micarta finger grip handle and brass double hilt. Measures 10" tip to butt. Weighs 10.0 oz. Handmade in the U.S.A.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if A.G. Russell Knives does not have this knife ordered delivery is currently taking about 10 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 6 years.

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