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Randall Model 2 Fighting Stiletto Stag

$ 665.00


Item: RA-M2S7



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This is a heavily made dagger or dirk with a 7" blade of O-1 high carbon tool steel from Randall Knives. We have never put this knife in a printed catalog or a brochure which we mail to members of the Knife Collectors Club. We have offered it at since early 2008 and with just that bit of exposure we have sold about all we could get from Randall. We have now managed to accumulate enough to include it in a catalog.

Randall has been making handmade knives for the past 55 plus years. Gary Randall, the present owner, took over from his father W.D. "Bo" Randall in the mid 1970s. These are the best-known and most noted handmade knives in the world. They have been mentioned in both novels and in histories. No two Randall Made knives are exactly alike, for no jigs or patterns are used in their final construction. Large-scale commercial production with this kind of attention to detail is not feasible and that's why knives of this unique quality are not widely available.

The 7" double ground blade is O-1 high carbon tool steel at 54 to 55 Rc. It is not stainless. We recommed our RustFree™ (RF125 - $7.95) to protect the steel. It is sharp on both edges. The India Stag handle measures 4-3/4" to 5". The double hilt is brass. Measures approximately 12" from tip to butt. Weighs 9.2 oz. Includes a brown leather sheath with sharpening stone. Handmade in the U.S.A.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if not on our shelves when you order, delivery of Randall knives ordered from A. G. Russell is currently taking 5 to 6 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 5 years.

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