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Randall Model 24 Guardian with Black Micarta

$ 495.00


Item: RA-M24BM



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Randall's Guardian was added to our selection of Randall knives just a little over a year ago. The Randall knives that we were offering were so much in demand, we found it difficult to add new models. Up until a few years ago, the most popular Randalls were their hunting knives. Recently, we have found that has changed. Today it is the fighting (or tactical) knives. This has given us the opportunity to add the Guardian to the selection we stock in inventory. Previously, this model was available from us only as a special order or through The Cutting Edge®. When we introduced the Guardian with an Ivorite handle in May 2015, we oversold what we had on the shelves. While we are one of only two or three Randall dealers to receive seventy-five knives a month, because of orders for other knives already placed, it took us months to fill all those backorders. That done, we have accumulated inventory of not only the Guardian with Ivorite, but also have put the same knife with black Micarta® on our shelves. If we should run out, the wait for this one will be short.

 For over 60 years, Randall knives have been the best-known handmade knives in the world. No two Randall Made™ knives are exactly alike; no jigs or patterns are used in their final construction. Large-scale commercial production with this kind of attention to detail is not feasible. That's why knives of this unique quality are not widely available.
Randall's Model 24 "Guardian" was designed in 1978 for use by police, undercover agents and law enforcement personnel, for self-protection and as a back-up weapon. It has a 4" dagger style blade of 440A stainless at 55-56 Rc. which has been sharpened on both edges. The handle is black Micarta® with a nickel silver reduced hilt and black and nickel silver spacers. Measures approximately 7-7/8" from tip to butt and weighs about 4.1 oz. Includes a brown leather boot style concealment sheath with a traditional metal boot clip. Handmade in Randall's shop in Orlando, Florida.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if not on our shelves when you order, delivery of Randall knives ordered from A. G. Russell is currently taking 6 to 8 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 5 years.

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