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Randall Model 28 Woodsman

$ 615.00


Item: RA-M28G42S



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with Border Patrol Handle

Randall Knives does not often introduce a new knife. You will see variations of their standard models that are requested by Randall customers and occasionally a Randall dealer will develop a Dealer Special introducing a new Randall.

The Model 28 Woodsman with Border Patrol Handle is a knife that was introduced by the Randall Shop early in 2010. If the knife is not in stock when you order, delivery from A.G. Russell is now taking 5 to 6 months. If ordered directly from the Randall shop, the wait is over 3 years. We committed to a quantity of knives years ago which allows us to get knives to you in a fairly short period of time. If you would rather order directly from Randall the price will be lower but the wait will be extremely long.

This is an excellent skinning and outdoors knife. The back of the blade is notched to grip the thumb. The 4-1/2" drop point blade of 3/16" 440B stainless at 55-56 Rc., measures 1-1/8" wide. The 4-1/4" border patrol handle is tough green Micarta® with a brass hilt and thong hole liner. The handle construction is Randall's standard narrow tang. Ships with a Model B brown leather sheath. Measures 8-3/4" tip to butt and weighs 6.8 oz. Handmade in Orlando, Florida.

Due to Randall's high volume of orders, if not on our shelves when you order, delivery of Randall knives ordered from A. G. Russell is currently taking 5 to 6 months. If ordered directly from Randall the wait is currently about 5 years.

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