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Red Tailed Hawk

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Original woodcarving by Phil Galatas

In the United States, the powerful and sturdy Red-tailed Hawk is a popular bird in falconry. It is an easy bird to keep and use in the field, re-adapting successfully to the wild when the hunting season is over. Most falconers release their wild-caught raptors back into the wild once they are of breeding age, which likely has a positive effect on the species.

The Red-tailed Hawk is common and widespread, partly because it has benefited from the historic settlement patterns across North America. The clearing of trees in the east provided stellar hunting areas, and the practice of sparing woodlots left nest sites. Conversely, the planting of trees in the west provided nest sites where there had been none. The construction of highways with treeless medians and shoulders with utility poles provided perfect habitat for perch-hunting.

They have a complex relationship with humans, capable of controlling rodents and other pests, and on occasion taking a barnyard chicken, which has led to them being one of the species described as a Chickenhawk.

The detailed wood carving of this common yet impressive bird by Phil Galatas has been hand-cast in a poly-stone resin and hand painted in realistic detail. Each sculpture is mounted on a 6-1/2" diameter solid wood base with a metal identity plate. Measures 15-1/2" high from the bottom of the base.

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