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This outstanding product is the best we have ever seen for preventing rust or staining on high carbon tool steel, or any non-stainless steel. For best results clean the metal with WD-40 or very hot water. When the metal is completely dry place one drop of RustFree on it and spread carefully with a clean fingertip. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BOTTLE HARD! A touch of the tip will deposit enough to cover one side of a 6" X 1-1/2" blade or a 6" pistol barrel. If you are protecting a knife or other cutting tool be very careful not to cut your fingers while you are working. RustFree will not oxidize or harden and leave your metal unprotected. This is a silicone product and is much safer than petroleum products. One bottle should be enough to protect all your hunting knives and all of the tools in your shop for a year, or even longer. For a large gun collection or machinery protection, you might want more than one bottle.

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