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Safety First Gun Magnet

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This is another one of those 'why didn't I think of that?' products. The patented design was initially developed to offer overall shotgun safety in a duck blind. Very quickly, deer hunters learned that it was very handy in a deer stand as well. The unique “V” shape, with 120 degree opposing angles, houses two of the highest grade rare earth magnets available to create a unit with phenomenal strength to hold a shotgun or rifle in an upright position or a pistol in a convenient location.

The 2" x 4" case is made of soft polypropylene which will not scratch the gun's surface. With two grommented mounting holes, it can be installed virtually anywhere to hold your pistol (from revolvers to semi-autos) and an extra magazine. Mount it under a desk, behind a night stand or under the dash, in the glove box or the center console of your vehicle for easy access. Slots on each end will accommodate a belt or webbing creating other use possibilities such as a tool belt. Uses two #6 screws (not included). Always use safe and sensible gun placement practices. Be sure to teach your children gun safety and secure your guns when they are not in use.

Product Testimonials

Safety First Gun Magnet - This is my second one! I was so impressed with the quality and strength of the magnet, I am ordering another one. Rating: 10/10. Priscilla M. Riverside, RI

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