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Shooter's Electronic Earmuff

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It is so important to protect your hearing. I learned that the hard way. I shot for years, beginning in the 1950s, without protection and completely ruined my hearing. Had protection like this been commonplace, I might still be able to hear.

These electronic shooting earmuffs amplify low-level sounds such as animal movements, but reduce the sound of gunshots and other noise above 82dB, so they are good for hunting as well as target practice. The unique stereo microphones allow the detection of ambient sounds, enhancing communication and awareness of surroundings. One of our employees, who owns a pair, says that they not only keep his ears warm and protect his hearing against gunfire sounds, but also allow him detect deer or squirrel sounds at a distance.

Sleek in design with extremely low profile ear cups, they fold for convenient storage. Adjustable leatherette headband. External battery compartment. Includes two AAA batteries. Energy efficient with an automatic shut-off after a four hour interval. Batteries last approximately 350 hours. An integrated power/volume knob allows the user to adjust amplification to a safe level. Audio input jack allows connection to an iPod, MP3 player or other radio devices. Includes connection cable and fitting instructions. Manufacturer's limited warranty.

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