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Smoking Out The Den Tree

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by Doug Hall
Limited to 350 Giclee on Canvas Prints

Raccoon dens are made above ground in tree cavities, among other things. Although they do not hibernate during the winter, they will stay for prolonged periods of time during inclement weather. The dens are used for bearing young, winter sleep and shelter. Communal denning is common, with up to 20 raccoons in a single den having been reported. Raccoon fur was used for winter clothing and their tail used for decoration and of course, the meat was a staple in Native American diet. You can almost smell the smoke as these Cherokees wait out the raccoons.

The artist, Doug Hall, grew up in Southwest Missouri and cannot remember when he did not paint. He now lives on 50 acres surrounded by the Huckleberry State Forest. He has spent a great deal of time studying the history and culture of the native peoples of the Eastern Woodlands and has won many awards for his paintings of their everyday lives. The effect of his dedication to the subject is evident in his paintings.

The stretched Giclee canvas print measures 24" x 18". Ships in a striking wooden frame that measures 30-1/2" x 27-3/8". Authorized artist signature with serial number on the giclee and includes a Letter of Authenticity signed by the artist and nameplate. This is a perfect accompaniment to earlier prints from Doug: Red Coat, The Finishing Touch, Straight as an Arrow, Slippery Rock Falls, A Well Honed Knife and Broken Silence, all currently available online at

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