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Spyderco Sharpmaker Triangle Sharpener

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Item: SPC204MF


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I have always admired the triangular rods of Sal's Sharpmaker but did not like the wide angle he used. I see that he now incorporates the 30° angle that I like so well as his basic angle and still includes the 40° angle that is used for the edge on thicker blades or to add a micro-bevel to a properly sharpened edge.

The Sharpmaker includes two sets of high alumina ceramic triangular stones; a pair of medium-grit brown stones for aggressive sharpening and a set of fine white stones for professional grade finishing. The stones are triangular so that plain edge blades can be sharpened on the flats and serrated edges can be sharpened on the corners of the rods. Two brass rods are provided to protect your hands. The plastic cover can be locked into the base to provide a more secure grip. This is an excellent sharpening device. Includes an instructional booklet and DVD.

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