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Telescope with Smartphone Adapter

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Item: CRS-1231-9


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Designed for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing. When used properly this telescope should provide years of exciting observations of the universe and the world around you. Easy to setup, this Newtonian Reflector telescope has a large 76mm reflecting mirror that captures plenty of light and bright images, a 10x30mm finder scope, two additional Huygenian erecting eye pieces - 8mm (87.5x magnification) and 20mm (35x magnification), a U mount with slow motion controls for easy tracking and a heavy-duty adjustable aluminum tripod. Sophisticated and sleek in design, it is a wonderful beginner's telescope, but with all the bells and whistles. The Telescope tube measures 25-3/8" in length and 5" in diameter. Maximum stand height is 45".

An included Universal Optical Adapter allows you to attach your smartphone to the eyepiece to digitally capture and record everything you see through the telescope. This phone adapter will also work on binoculars, monoculars, spotting and night vision scopes, microscopes, borescopes or slit lamps. It fits a wide range of optics with an outer eyepiece of 25-58mm. Comprehensive instruction manuals for each are included.

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