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Two Books About WWII


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The Atlas of World War II

by Dr. John Pimlott

Using archived action pictures, the author traces the course of the conflict chronologically by showing each major campaign as a full-cover map. Presenting the political and strategic conditions that led to the war, the book offers a unique insight into military operations and tactics and brings to life the human experience of war with eyewitness accounts. B&W and color images along with detailed maps. Softcover. 224 pages.

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The D-Day Atlas

by John Man, Historian

The author provides the information necessary to follow troop movements and positions throughout the Normandy campaign, allowing the reader to discover how the American, British and Commonwealth troops reached victory. This graphical reconstruction details the momentous events of the campaign from its inception through to the destruction of the German 7th and 5th Panzer Armies at Falaise, and the Allied liberation of Paris. Chock full of black and white images, colored maps, plans and objectives of the commanders on both sides, and detail of the disposition and movements of military units. Softcover. 143 pages.

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2 Books-The Atlas of World War II/The D-Day Atlas

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