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The U.S. Navy Seal or U. S. Army Survival Handbook


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The U.S. Navy Seal Survival Handbook

Learn the Survival Techniques and Strategies of America's Elite Warriors
by Don Mann, U.S. Navy Seal (Ret.) & Ralph Pezzullo

Chapter One covers SEAL/SERE training. The next fourteen chapters cover surviving the elements, food and hunting, weather, navigation, survival medicine and kits, and the mystery of survival in general. Numerous and intense stories. A comprehensively written book that covers everything from the basics of survival to the very psychology of wanting to survive. Written by the country's most experienced and qualified survival instructors. Great for military personnel, survivalists and all outdoor recreationalists. Softcover. 9-1/4" x 7-3/8". 248 pages, with color and black and white photographs.

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The U.S. Army Survival Handbook

Department of the Army
Revised and Update by Colonel Peter T. Underwood USMC (RET)

Ideal for military personnel and all outdoors enthusiasts. Provides all the information you need to survive. It includes nineteen survival chapters and eight appendixes with detailed photographs and illustrations that cover survival kits, edible and medicinal plants, poisonous plants, insects and animals, reading the weather via wind and clouds, along with other useful and lifesaving information. The ultimate guide to survival in all conditions and environments. Softcover. 9" x 6". 428 pages, with color photographs and black and white illustrations.

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Both Books-Navy Seal and Army Survival Handbooks

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