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Tilley Airflo Hat

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When I left the army in 1955, I gave up wearing hats. Rain, snow or desert sun, I went bare headed, even in the years when I wore my hair clipped close to my head. A few years ago Goldie and I were visiting in Quincy, IL, and stopped in to see Dave Francis of Mississippi Valley Outfitters, a friend and one of our dealers. It was the Christmas season and snowing out. I noticed that my thinning hair was not keeping the snow from my scalp, and for the first time in over 40 years I was wishing I had something to protect my head. One of the many displays in Dave's store was for Tilley Hats. I had heard of these hats from customers in our store, and while I did not really want a hat, I did want something to keep the snow off my scalp. The long and short is: I bought a Tilley hat and found that it not only worked for that trip, it became a regular part of my outdoor work dress. In summer it helps keep the sun out of my eyes and my scalp from sunburn, in winter it keeps the rain, snow and wind off my head.

These are not hats that get thrown away when they get dirty, mine has been through the washer three times and will be many more times. Tilley likes to tell about a zoo keeper's Tilley hat that his elephant likes to snatch and swallow, it seems that the hat has been through the elephant several times without serious harm. Tilley hats are made in Canada, not the far East, and are fully guaranteed against wearing out, falling apart or shrinking.

The whole point of this is a Tilley hat, The Airflo. This remarkable hat weighs only 4 oz. and is guaranteed for the buyer's lifetime. Like the original cotton models, it is machine washable. If you know your hat size, order one size larger for the special Tilley fit. If you do not know your hat size then measure around your head, just above your eyebrows and send us the measurement in inches. When I bought the Tilley T4 I thought I had bought my last hat, but this one is so light that I can see it as a summer hat, giving me all of the protection I need from sun, wind and dust. Please specify size when ordering.

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